Flavouring is the first process of producing E-Liquid and it is an important process to make sure you are satisfied. We only use high-quality food-grade ingredients to get the real taste and safe for consumer. We apply multilayer flavouring in every flavour development to get a unique flavour. Development of taste can be made with the shortest lead time possible.


Having unique and attractive label will lead you Unique Selling Proposition (USP). We design your label based on your request concept requirement and specification design. Our creative team will guide you to create your own label, we will provide various types of labels and bottling that are suitable for your product.


With our high facilities are capabilities and flexibility on accommodate both large and smaller size requirements. We will do your mass production without counting any type of bottle. We will produce your product in the shortest of time


With experience of our creative team, we will do unique and fancy labelling following your requirement of your branding. We will update the growing of the market at the current time to make your product get attraction of customer. 


Available in various type of bottle. 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, Boston 30ml and boston 60ml. We do labelling based on type of bottle that you use. With complete facilities and machineries  in our production, We can do 50,000 bottles production monthly. We will give you the lowest price as we are one of the registered bottle supplier in our country.


We are serious in maintaining the quality of our product.. Our machineries, staff, training, facilities and equipment are constantly being checking by our QC department to ensure we are doing our best for our customers. Any broken or rejected product and machineries/facilities will be demolish immediately. 


We ship worldwide through your doorstep. Any request on changing courier service can be inquire to us. We will provide the best price for the shipment and the time estimation of shipment will be updated accordingly once payment has been made. Shipment can be done in terms of parcel, box or pallet.